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The first.

This is pretty exciting! I've been talking for years about putting together a compilation of my (& my friends') thoughts, stories and experiences. Well, here it is...finally!

I have some amazing people in my life. They've done some pretty amazing things. We've all had big highs and pretty deep lows. We all have different passions and have undertaken various life pursuits. We live in different places & we are all in different places in our lives. We have much in common, and yet are very unique. (I'm sure this sounds familiar - I imagine most people would say the same about their circle of friends!)

My hope for Mantras & Musings is simply to be a place where our thoughts, ideas, stories and reflections can be shared and exchanged. I hope it encourages us to connect with each other in new ways, and I hope it connects with others who happen upon this blog.

So...what will we muse about? Anything and everything we find to have meaningful (and entertaining) substance. The World. Politics. Our Beloved Environment. Health. Heartbreaks. Psychology. Technology. Advice. Nutrition. Careers. Random Self-Reflections. Entrepreneurship. & More.

That's all for now. I look forward to the opportunity to write my next post! Thanks for engaging :)


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